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The ficbitches are back... Yo. Or something like that. I… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Aug. 30th, 2004|10:04 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

The ficbitches are back... Yo.

Or something like that. I laughed so hard I'm surprised my roommates didn't come upstairs to try and figure out who was choking to death...

[User Picture]From: cyfis
2004-08-30 10:34 pm (UTC)
Told you :P
Enjoyed the HxH fic?
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-08-31 01:22 pm (UTC)
I think enjoyed would be the wrong word. ^^;;

There was a very insightful comment comparing the execution to your average Muraki x Tsuzuki, which is exactly right.

The FMA had me snerking pretty hard too.
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[User Picture]From: cyfis
2004-09-01 10:36 am (UTC)
I had no idea HxH was that freaky. Though probably in the original context it wasn't.

FMA is what I'm currently watching. They're right about what the fandom produces though: either really Weird smut, or even stranger I'm-In-A-Box fics that try to masquerade as philosophy.
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