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Silver Thorn [Aug. 15th, 2004|10:52 am]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |surprisedsurprised]

How to get involved in obscure anime or manga:

1. Go to a con dealers' room on the last day of the convention. It's best if it's the last day, because then most of the dealers have run out of the mainstream really popular stuff, and it'll be less distracting.
2. Go to a dealer who stocks random stuff. In my case it was Planet Anime.
3. Start grabbing things off the shelf until satisfied.

In my case this left me with a peculiar interest in Silver Thorn (銀のトゲ), a manga about a vampire which takes place in the older days of Japan. (Bakufu? Maybe... it's been awhile.) Well, at least part of it is about a vampire. In any case, I knew there was a second book in the series, but I hadn't found it yet. During one of my random visits to Hakusensha's site to see whether they're releasing more Yami no Matsuei, I spotted an entry for the fourth volume of Silver Thorn in their "Tankoubon soon to be released!" section.

Maybe I ought to read more of it? As far as I remember, it was fairly pretty, and the story wasn't bad. If odd. Unfortunately this would require tracking down a series which seems to be slightly obscure. I'm not sure what it's serialized in, either.

As a side note... Silver Thorn could also be very popular, since the barrier between popularity and obscurity is very small when you're basing your judgement on existance of the manga/anime in stores. Either it's not popular at all and they don't stock it, or it's so popular that no matter how many copies they get, they fly off of the shelves. This is best noted in the existance/lack thereof of the first volume of Gravitation. It's a nightmare to get one's hands on. Too bad I went through all that work just to be not impressed with the manga.

If I'm concerned about popularity or lack thereof, however, I should just go onto the Japanese web and poke around for a bit. Meh. Maybe later.

More side note: given the amount I was lazing in bed this morning, I'm absolutely shocked that it's only 11am. No complaints, though. None at all.