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Well, the total suck of being sick is finally over. I've still got… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Dec. 11th, 2008|08:57 am]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Well, the total suck of being sick is finally over. I've still got that lingering sniffliness, occasional cough, etc, but the exhaustion and... dripping... is done with. Thank heavens.

My doctor recommended I go on a handful of vitamins. Sigh. With her help, I juggled my medications in a way I didn't know was acceptable (apparently you can take Nexium at night, too), and I now have a spot I can shove a multivitamin and a B-complex (...and the eternally ignored vitamin D supplement) into. Went off the light therapy while I was sick, but I'm back on it again. Go me.

Anyways, last week I went on a music discovery binge. I found Rise Against, which is a punk/grunge band whose most recent album, Appeal to Reason, actually sounds rather metal. I like a good half of the songs on it. The jury's out on Hero of War. It's a protest song -- a song written to target specific current events -- and I think its cause interfered with the art. It's very disturbing to listen to, but I don't skip past it when it comes up and I'm not 100% sure why. It's part of a growing list of protest songs on my playlist, from Hands Held High by Linkin Park, to Special Delivery by MC Frontalot, and Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold.

I also picked up Nickelback's latest album, which is mostly "hits" for me, though quite embarrassing to listen to when you accidentally pick it as the background music for your D&D game. Also on the list is Lisa Miskovsky's Still Alive (not Jonathon Coulton's), the theme from Mirror's Edge. I'm sure I'd heard it before, but it had never registered. However, genedefect sent me the trailer for the new DLC for Mirror's Edge, which had the Teddybears Mix of the song playing in the background (trailer here), and resulted in me downloading both that and the original.

Anyways, I'm going back to work today, and for that I need to do a handful of things before I head out. Might continue the music-geeking later.

[User Picture]From: harinezumi
2008-12-11 05:52 pm (UTC)
As far as anti-war songs go, I've yet to hear anything that comes close to the poignancy of Motorhead's 1916. Surprisingly somber, particularly considering that this is Motorhead we're talking about.
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[User Picture]From: benabik
2008-12-11 11:26 pm (UTC)
How is Mirror's Edge? Ars wasn't all that impressed by it.

Of course, I don't have anything that could run it anyway. :-/
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[User Picture]From: siliconrose
2008-12-15 04:03 pm (UTC)
Neither was genedefect. So far, I haven't met anyone that really liked the game, but several of them have expressed hope that the DLC might be worth playing. genedefect had two major problems, as far as I could tell: the "runner's vision" that they spent so much time heralding isn't clear enough, and having people shooting at you while you're scrambling around trying to find out how you should be getting off the roof of a huge building isn't fun. Both of those might be fixed by the DLC -- and #1 would be less of a problem if it weren't for #2.
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