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Ah, this is the Weekend of D&D. The RPGA has an event this weekend… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Oct. 24th, 2008|08:20 am]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

Ah, this is the Weekend of D&D.

The RPGA has an event this weekend called Weekend in the Realms, which includes a special three-part adventure that is only playable during this one weekend. I was going to try to play it twice (as two different characters), but it turns out I have game on Saturday, so... oh well. It ended up being for the best, for several reasons.

The event I elected to miss seemed to be having difficulty finding enough judges for the players, for one, and for two...

I decided to trash my old (of six weeks) RPGA number. I went to The Local Game Store and asked for a DCI card. The important difference between an RPGA card and a DCI card is that a DCI card has a scratch-off activation code to get access to the website immediately after getting the card and an RPGA card doesn't. The numbers are considered to be part of the same system.

It all started back around Gencon. WotC decided to unify the DCI system and the RPGA system. This was probably good. They elected to do so right before Gencon. This was bad. There were a lot of bugs with the new system, and it invalidated the apparently typical Gencon procedure of adding players to the database as time permitted during the convention. This caused all the Gencon player registration cards to get shipped off to WotC to be entered. Gencon was big. As of writing this, I don't think those registration cards have been processed yet, and it's now eight weeks after the end of Gencon. Now, I didn't join at Gencon -- I joined at PAX -- but if the people before me haven't been processed, I don't hold a whole lot of hope of me being processed any time soon.

In any case, because of all this, I decided to trash my RPGA number (which needed to be processed) in favor of a DCI number (which doesn't). (Technically, these are both RPGA/DCI numbers, but the cards are different, and the card comes with the number.) The biggest problem with this is that I have a character who I've played through three games already who is associated with my RPGA number. I'm almost certain I could play her anyways and just get the administrivia cleared up later, but given that I do have game this weekend (and when I say game, I mean game as in "real life people who I have a regular campaign with"), and I have several other characters I can play in the one event I will be able to attend, and I've been dying to play one of them... well, let's just say the stars aligned.

I've filed an appeal against the event that I played in which has been reported, asking for the RPGA number under which I played to be changed. Unfortunately, PAX is still not reported. (Given some of the issues Senior DMs have been complaining about with respect to reporting, I'm not surprised. Like, waiting for 30 minutes for the page to refresh after you've gotten a certain amount of data in. Try to enter data before those thirty minutes are up? Congratulations, you just nuked some of your old data. Oops.)

If I do lose Zareth, though, I'll survive.

In other news, now that I have a perfectly functioning RPGA/DCI account, I took the Herald DM test, allowing me to sanction games. This also gives me access to the library of Living Forgotten Realms adventures, which are mostly designed for play over the course of four hours. I might sanction and run a couple of games if there's any interest.

[User Picture]From: dragonoflife
2008-10-24 04:02 pm (UTC)
I'm having Cam flashbacks...
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[User Picture]From: siliconrose
2008-10-24 05:53 pm (UTC)
I don't know; I don't remember Cam being so hard to just sign up for.

One positive is that it doesn't matter (too much) whether your event is reported or not. The real record is on paper. I didn't have to shelve Zareth just because no one had finished reporting PAX yet. Now, it does mean that you don't get rewards points for those events until after the event is reported, but it's just 4 per event and 20 per mailing, and the cards that come out in the mailing seem to be more of a nice-to-have rather than being as critical as rewards were in the Camarilla. That said, having Zareth affiliated with a different RPGA number might be a real problem.

One reason I considered playing in the RPGA where I can't imagine playing in the Camarilla again is that RPGA players are all gathered in the spirit of cooperation. You don't have to worry about a punked out character taking a dislike to your character's speaking pattern and dusting him the first game you take him out. In fact, while player rewards do provide a benefit for the player, they ALSO provide a benefit which can only be used on the behalf of another player. That second benefit can't be used on the player who has the card. And your party won't ignore you, leaving you to spend four hours wandering around an event being bored.

Lastly, as a beginning player I managed to accumulate two Spellscarred cards and a Shadar-Kai card by playing in a convention event. I can use them right now (and I'll be using one of them tonight). One interesting feature is that you can't use more than one Creation card (which the above three examples are) on a given character, so I can't have a shadar-kai spellscarred character. I think that, overall, this is likely to reduce power-gaming, and it makes it less of an overwhelming advantage on the part of the player who manages to accumulate cards. (Though, both of these are real player options in your average game, they're just artificially restricted. Technically, they should be balanced. In fact, taking a shadar-kai character can be a bit of a disadvantage, since it means you have no racial feats to draw on.)

Okay, I don't have as much flexibility to affect the world in an official RPGA event. I'm okay with that.
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