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Current MPG: ~42. Work has been attempting to eat my soul (eat me… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Jun. 25th, 2008|11:51 am]
Silicon Rose
[Current Music |boxboxboxboxboxbox (damn no Unicode support on the Zune) - The Best of Tales]

Current MPG: ~42.

Work has been attempting to eat my soul (eat me whole?) and it's put a fairly heavy burden on me. Last night I was working until about 1AM to meet a deadline (met, BOOYAH!), so I decided to shove off work a bit today. I'm working from home, fixing a few niggles with the thing I delivered (it's not checked in, thank god), and trying to get another feature done, but I don't plan to be glued to the computer all day.

Hanabi is out for "the surgery"; we'll know how it went at about 2:30 this afternoon. Just like humans, cats aren't allowed to eat for about 12 hours before they go under general anesthesia. Since it didn't seem fair to deprive Arashi and Azuki, and because if Hanabi wasn't locked in a bare room he'd find something to eat, we locked him up. Poor baby was whining his head off in his room for a while.

I'm currently listening to The Best of Tales CD, which has an about 50% hit rate for good songs. I bought it so I could have "yume de aru you ni" by DEEN, and secondarily because it also has "key to my heart" by Mai Kuraki, but several of the other songs are good as well. Spent most of the day yesterday listening to J-pop, which helped soothe my nerves a bit.

Played some 4th Ed on Sunday -- it's very cool, but you pretty much have to treat it like an entirely new game system. It's easier to learn it like that than to try to upgrade from 3.5. I really like the fact that spellcasters and fighters are treated much the same in the game. It's like this: as much as the damage from a rocket launcher is awesome, it has limited ammo, and it sucks to be the rocket guy when you're spent.

One thing that's frustrating, but which I understand from a balance perspective, is that Daily/Encounter powers are just spent if you try to use them and miss. This apparently applies to everyone except Fighters, who have several powers with the Reliable keyword -- they're not used up if you fail.

Okay. I can understand Reliable powers being rare, but what justification on earth did they come up with that only Fighters ever get them? Paladin? Screwed. Ranger? Screwed. Rogue? Screwed. And, of course the spellcasters are screwed, but there's a certain amount of justification for that...

Ah well. Still getting used to it; we'll have to see how I like/dislike it when it's not shiny anymore.