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So about that fiscal responsibility thing... - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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So about that fiscal responsibility thing... [Apr. 12th, 2008|10:31 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

So, I guess I'm going with Familiar as my project. It's done, for what that's worth. I printed it out double-spaced (which took around 300 pages, including a small accident where I shut my laptop too early and I got an aborted print run), and bought a new binder which can hold 400 pages at a go so I can bring the entire thing with me. It's bulky, though, around 1.5-2" thick.

I read through the first quarter of it in about an hour tonight, scribbling on it in red ink and making a few notes on things I need to settle on. For example, I never clearly established the setting in my first draft; I need to do much better on that. I need to decide the season (it needs to be in close proximity to the end of an extended school break), and really pay attention to how it affects the story.

Story-wise, I need to set up the smoking gun within the first five scenes. I know what it is, I just need to fit it in somehow. I also need to decide what sub-plots to keep and which to toss. I'm fairly sure I want to keep the resonance plotline, but the Familiars being sentient? Can I do it justice? I've got my doubts, and if I can't do it justice, it has to be cut.

...not to mention all those boring things like "does it fit into the theme of the novel?" etc, etc, which are very important but "take all the fun out of it". (They don't, actually, but it's yet another thing that you have to pay attention to.)

We bought a self-cleaning litter box, because our efforts to keep our litter boxes clean have been less than fruitful. The kitten is absolutely fine with it. Azuki, not so much.

Yesterday, we went to The Container Store and spent way too much money. In return, I got two laundry baskets, and genedefect got one, and I picked up a stationary box, an art box, two dairy crates (for the Creation Station), four white in-boxes, and we also got a new trash can.

We've also decided that our torchiere system in the living room is less than ideal (we have to have three torchieres on in order to make the table usable in the evening), so we're going to get two flush ceiling lamps installed. Now THAT was a hell of an expense. However, the lamps we got were on sale for $10 each, so we bought four. (Come on, they usually cost at least $50, if not $100. $10 was an absolute steal.)

We're also going to move the loveseat that is currently upstairs down into the library so I have a place to sit and write, and when the ceiling lamps are installed upstairs, we're going to move the torchieres downstairs until we can afford to get the lamps installed down there. The florescent ceiling lights are going out (they flicker wildly), and we're leery of trying to install new ones. When we first moved in here, the cover for the lights was badly stained and yellow, so we went to Home Depot and improvised a new cover. Unfortunately, the light design was 'self-done' (by the former owners), and the dimensions were custom, so we had to carve down one of the light covers they had. And the material shatters. Now, it's fine if we leave it where it is, but I don't want to bring it down and try to put it back up again, because I know it'll leave bits and pieces all over the floor.

So, yeah. Stuff.