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So, I've basically finished cataloging all of my English books. The… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Mar. 6th, 2006|11:14 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |sleepydrowsy, craving apple cider]

So, I've basically finished cataloging all of my English books. The data still needs some massaging, and there are some more game books and random things sitting around the house, I'm sure, but my catalogued collection weighs in at just short of 650 books. Probably at least 100 more Japanese books and 100 more manga, and of course there are a few books which don't have ISBNs (like my copy of Japanese Conversation Grammar from 1942 - I do have some treasures).

I'm missing several books I'm sure that I should have. Some may be squirreled away in boxes from the last desperate packing effort we made the night before we moved. Some I may have lost or misplaced, or may actually have been from my parents' collections - I know that there are at least ten books I probably ought to return to Mom and/or Dad. Some may have been actually library books - I just borrowed them so often I thought that I actually owned them. But I am absolutely sure I'm missing some.

Eventually, I'm going to go to a used bookstore and start filling things in. Like the rest of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, some of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar stories, etc. Also, cataloging these books gives me a chance to see what I have, look back at series that the author dropped or took an exceptionally long time producing the next book, and possibly track some of those down. I dimly remember seeing something on Amazon about another Galen Sword book... and a rumor that Melanie Rawn had decided, after quitting, to start writing again. Josepha Sherman's books are another series I'd lost track of - he wrote two books in a series about a Sidhe prince who was accused of being an Oathbreaker and tossed out to live among the humans. It's one of the few books like that where the portrayal of human society is more or less on target for the time it's written against - not that I scoff at any of the other books I have where that's not even a consideration.

I guess that if someone were to look at my collection, they'd probably think it full of fluff. I've done my best to collect the entire Dragonriders of Pern series, and I've got a sizable chunk of the books that Mercedes Lackey appears to churn out as easily as breathing. I'm cheerfully collecting Anne Bishop's novels, and while I'm quite disappointed in her writing recently, I still can claim a more or less complete collection of Laurell K. Hamilton's work.

Of course, I also have enough books on Japanese language and culture to choke a horse, and I'm starting a collection of Hebrew books I'm not sure I'll ever be able to read... though, the more I study the language the more it begins to resemble Japanese. It's still far too confusing, though. One thing about Japanese is that despite how mind-break-inducing the levels of formality can be, the conjugations of verbs and adjectives and such make a whole heck of a lot of sense. And no gender or plural agreement! How could you go wrong? (Well, aside from the fact that with the loose grammar and the lack of necessity in providing a subject, you can get awfully confused if your mind is not on precisely the same wavelength as the author's was - a condition that it is difficult for an American to fulfill.)

Well, anyways, up to bed. Except for a brief pause to pick up some fresh apple cider. After all, we've got a gallon and a quart of it (1 gal. Fuji, 1 qt. Pink Lady), and it's not pasturized, so we have to drink it fast.

Uh. I'm... er... in tears. Really. ^^

Oh. Just about at the halfway point of Shadow Hearts II. Bleh, rushing games is really hard on you. And it doesn't help that I've been listening to the Disgaea II Soundtrack, and damn, it makes me want to play that game. genedefect has told me that he'll hold off on SHIII for a while if I want him to, or we can do the I-leave-the-room-for-cutscenes thing, but argh. That's frustrating, and I can hear the game through the library door.

...up to bed. Demmit.