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And the first time I post something in quite a while (Camarilla… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Feb. 13th, 2006|08:21 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |hyperhyper]

And the first time I post something in quite a while (Camarilla reference): so true.

Currently beating my way through GLIII and [eM], frustrated because while I like both games, I wanted to finish Shadow Hearts II before From the New World was released in the States so genedefect and I could play it in sync. Demmit. By the way, SHIII: From the New World comes out on March 7th.


...if I JUST concentrate on finishing GLIII, and then spend most of my time on SHII while keeping just enough energy on [eM] so I don't forget the story, I might make it. BTW, I'm 20 hours into [eM] and I'm 18% (according to the story meter) through the game. Er. Right. Long game, anyone? Of course, I've been screwing around talking to everyone and trying to collect all the golems and such, so I'm, as you say, playing it for all it's worth. I blame Kingdom Hearts for all of this - if it hadn't gone wonky with the controller, I would have a) finished it earlier and b) not gotten back into GLIII at that point. I would be crashing through [eM] while possibly picking up SHII on the side, and I'd be in MUCH better shape.

Picked up Ar Tonelico on Sunday, as well as splurging on the next 8 volumes of Death Note (which is an unexpected awesome manga so far), the sixth volume of Loveless, the eighth volume of Gakuen Alice, the first of School Rumble (for kicks), and signing myself up for a year long subscription of Famitsu Weekly while renewing my subscription to Hana to Yume. There goes my entertainment budget until... yeah. A long time.

...okay, so maybe I haven't entirely hung up my "huge freaking otaku" sign yet.

I'd like to think that Torn Apart is going well. I'm still percolating ideas for where I want to go with it, though I have a primary conflict set up. Need to pull back and start working on Familiar, too. Did I mention I have books I want to read? And I want to go to Sakura-con? And stuff? And things?

Work's busy too. And I'm planning on taking on 'extracurricular activities', which are the height of coolness. I love working at a place where I can do and learn so much.