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MiaC: 15,046/13,567 Familiar: 59,259/59,143 Yes, I definitely needed… - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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[Nov. 6th, 2005|11:37 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |ecstaticvictorious]

MiaC: 15,046/13,567
Familiar: 59,259/59,143

Yes, I definitely needed to get back into plot on Familiar. Only took me about 45 minutes to turn out my 1,000 words tonight. I decided to push for 15,000 total words today on MiaC, so overall I wrote just short of 4,600 words today. Was a little surprised at where one of the scenes in MiaC went, and very worried that the torture might turn readers off, but I suppose I could just self-publish it or provide it online if it's too edgy to get published formally. (Of course, maybe it's too edgy for people to like it at all, or maybe I'm overestimating its edginess.) Familiar's much more mainstream, I think.

I started using the Zokutou version of the writing report card from their tools page, and I'm at 26.98% of my goal for NaNo (which at 50,000 on MiaC and 1,000 a day on Familiar works out to 80,000 words). So I'm definitively ahead. My work today brought my expected day of completion down to Nov. 23rd, and were I to aim for Nov. 30th I only need to do 2,434 words a day. (Which, I suppose, is still significantly above the 1,667 words for most people. If I were to give up on Familiar and do NaNo only, I need to do 1,457 words a day to reach 50,000 on MiaC.)

I attended my first write-in today, which was fun if not especially productive. ^^ I will probably do it next week as well, but with less expectation of getting anything done.

Okay. Time for bed now. Need to get up at 8 tomorrow morning, write more, go to work, do the normal stuff. ^^

[User Picture]From: ketsugami
2005-11-07 03:15 pm (UTC)
I am v. impressed with your writing prowess. ^_^

Also for the record, Shinigami has a section where the 14-year old heroine gets thrown in a medieval dungeon and has various extremely unpleasant things happen to her, and they published that. So, for what that's worth, I think you'll be okay as far as 'edgy' goes.
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[User Picture]From: siliconrose
2005-11-07 04:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! It was a bit of a struggle to reach 15,000, but I just wanted to make that milestone.

Well, that's comforting. I suppose the torture is relatively mild as well. I just hope that the first part of the story is interesting enough to keep a reader's attention as well.
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[User Picture]From: ketsugami
2005-11-07 04:18 pm (UTC)
I look forward to reading it, along with the rest of Familiar when you're done. ^_^
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