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Obligatory Post on Katrina - Silicon Rose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Silicon Rose

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Obligatory Post on Katrina [Sep. 4th, 2005|12:42 pm]
Silicon Rose
[Current Mood |draineddrained]

It's a freaking disaster down there. I'm horrified at what has been happening to the people, but it's more or less in a distant, unable to affiliate way. It's not that I don't care. Some of the individual stories I've heard have brought tears to my eyes. It's just... I can't comprehend it. Literally. I can't comprehend the tragedy well enough to affiliate with it.

Meanwhile, in the blogosphere, fingers are pointing. Same with the news. I read TalkLeft regularly, which has a very biased to Democratic/liberal perspective, but tends to bring up issues I'm interested in. I decided to stroll over to Little Green Footballs, which is exactly the opposite.

They reference the same articles, but it's like those stereo glasses where you can only see non-blue things through one eye and non-red through the other (I didn't realize how appropriate a metaphor that was until I wrote it), because honestly, it doesn't seem like they're reading the same thing. They point to the same articles, but the conclusions they draw are entirely unrelated.

It's partially what facts you accept, I guess.

Anyways, I made my donation, matched through my employer, and hopefully it will be put to good use.