Dance Central 2

"Eh, completing the HD crew was pretty easy. I'm almost done with the Flash4ward crew, I'll just finish them off and take a break."

"I'm getting tired, but I did just unlock the Glitterati. I want to see their introduction. I'll just load up that and the first song."

"Wow, the Glitterati songs are pretty good. Maybe I'll just finish them off. I'm not feeling too bad."

"And the last song is Born This Way! That's really fun! Okay, I can manage that one. It'll be my last."

"Wait, what do you mean 'showdown marathon'? I beat all the crews! Pass all songs on 4+ stars to succeed? Marathon? How long is this going to be?!"

"*pantpant* Dancing Baby Got Back against a pair of robots is truly surreal. Wait. 1 of 5?!?! I guess... at least it's not 1 of 30...?"

*completes marathon, falls over*

The above has been brought to you by the mixed blessings of fitness gaming.

...my head hurts.
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I hate developers. More specifically, I hate shovelware.

I think that Softex OmniPass was installed on my computer by Fujitsu, likely to support thumbprint identification. It's common on tablets, but functionality I don't usually use. But, for whatever reason, trying to log on to a site I was trying to visit caused Internet Explorer to crash, because (it looks like) the DLL OmniPass registered to intercept the authentication and provide credentials performed an ACCESS VIOLATION.

Really, guys? Access violation? This is what you've got?

...anyways, nuked. Off my system, lousy piece of crap.

The problem is, the only reason I figured out what had happened was because I have:

1. Visual Studio installed.
2. The developer mojo to identify from the debugger that there was a particular DLL causing the problem.
3. The persistence to look up the DLL on my system.
4. The knowledge to identify from the location which program was causing my problems.
5. The balls to delete crapware from my system.

Let's face it, this isn't developer rocket science, here, but probably 99.999% of people couldn't do this. So if they had this problem, they'd just be screwed.

And even with all my knowledge, my first attempt to fix the problem was to upgrade to IE9.

Bonus suck: it looks like Comcast's "Domain Helper" functionality messes up the fall back to search functionality from IE9, which rather sucks, considering there's no search bar in IE9 (they consolidated the address bar and the search bar into one bar, which I'm ambivalent to mildly displeased about, but... whatever). Looks like you can turn Domain Helper off, but I was still getting Comcast search for a couple of attempted navigations afterwards, so I'm not sure the toggle is connected to anything.
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Fighters Uncaged

So, I actually tried the game... and yeah, it's got accuracy problems. Almost every time I tried to do a left spinning backfist, I'd get a left middle hook instead, and I had a heck of a time managing the dodge -> right round kick series. It kept doing a left round kick instead, probably because I was stepping slightly with my left foot.

Also, there were a few techniques that it wanted me to do (like the heel kick) that just didn't seem like a good idea.

It's a workout... but not that accurate. Real pity, I hope someone does something better designed and really nails it.
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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Second set of exercises in Your Shape for advanced Cardio contains something called the Knee Side.

You put your arm up like you're going to show your muscles to someone, then, in rhythm, lift your knee and lean to your side so your knee and elbow touch.

40 reps on each side, then 40 more reps on each side (plus something else to make it more fun).

After doing that, I can't lift my knee above my waist anymore.
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My "Muse"

My Muse: "HEY, HEY!"
Me: "Hmm?"
My Muse: "Hey! Do you remember this idea you had? Do you remember it?"
Me: "...yes?"
My Muse: "THAT IDEA??? TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!1!1!11one! ^__________^!"

...repeat ad infinitum with every idea I've ever had. Just randomly, throughout the day.
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